Strong Community
Sharknado Coin & Starsharks Community are tied together.
Being SHARKO, aka the Sharknado Coin, a community token, our main goal is to build the strongest community in the Game-Fi space. As we strongly believe in the Starsharks future we are tied together for both communities success and growth.
This is how we are making both communities success possible:
  • Off-chain voting with trust-less On-chain execution.
  • Fees distribution to holders & DAO.
  • Voters control DAO Treasury earnings & funds.
  • DAO owns most of the SHARKO liquidity.
  • Airdrop for Starsharks players.
  • Incentives for holders, players and liquidity providers.
  • Increase $SEA utility and value. Increase sharks NFT value and utility.
  • Help grow the Starsharks community promoting it with its Referral program. (Earnings will contribute to DAO Treasury)
  • Help the Starsharks development through game developers grants.
We also have in plan rewards for community members through airdrops and bounties for participating such as meme competitions and more.
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