Sharknado Coin Docs

Innovative Design

What makes SHARKO token so different?
We designed Sharknado Coin (SHARKO) with some incredible new features never experimented by other coins.
  • The DAO owns most of its liquidity. this means liquidity remains stable and gives the DAO the power to earn from LP fees and DEX token farming. Also any transaction will add liquidity on the LP pair and send the LP tokens to the DAO treasury. We also plan to implement bonds to gather even more DAO owned liquidity. THIS MAKES SHARKO THE FIRST GAME-FI 2.0 PROTOCOL.
  • First community token with On-chain governance Thanks to the SafeSnap module built from Gnosis, we made possible to vote off-chain and to execute decisions and transactions on-chain with a reflect token. This is not a centralized reflect token where the Devs can change the fees etc in an arbitrary way. Any protocol change is made through te governance module.
  • Long term sustainability first Most community & reflect tokens have insanely high fees 10% or more, this makes them highly unsustainable because any transactions will strongly decrease the token value. For this reason we implemented low fees (3%). This way holders still have incentives to hold and DAO earns LP without too much impact in the effective token price.