Sharknado Coin Docs


Treasury is the core of our vision.
Thanks to the treasury the value of SHARKO acquires even more value. We are not talking about a simple utility token able to pay passive income, but an investment fund co-managed by hundreds of users!​

How it's work?

Treasury is a multiSig wallet create on Gnosis Safe platform. Thanks to SafeSnap we are able to set a strategy of the multiSig and give the control of the wallet to all token holder.
By setting the Treasury as the wallet recipient of the profits generated by the protocol and giving it ownership of our contracts, we bring to life Sharknado DAO!
Also take a look on how the treasury will generate funds here!

What we can do?

IDO Allocation:

  • Treasury will get 80% of all BNB rised. (Most of the BNB raised will end in the liquidity pool)


How does the treasury earn funds?

The DAO treasury acquire funds in a multitude of ways. Here is a list of the most important ones:
  • SHARKO FEES - Any swap and transaction has fees. 1% of these fees goes to the Treasury wallet in form of LP liquidity tokens.
  • LP FEES & DEX REWARDS - Owning LPs means that the Treasury earns swap fees and it can farm DEX tokens. (more on this soon...)
  • DEFI - Treasury funds will be actively staked and used to generate incomes through Starsharks staking and the best DeFi protocols.
  • RENTING NFT - Starsharks NFTs bought to fund prize pools will be rented while they wait to be added as a prize in the lottery. Also we plan to build a reserve of NFTs.
  • SHARKNADO SCHOLARSHIP - DAO can decide to give Sharks NFT to players in exchange for part of their profits made playing the game.
  • STARSHARKS REFERRAL/AFFILIATE SYSTEM - By promoting Starsharks ecosystem the Treasury will receive the rewards provided by the Starhsarks referral system in form of SEA and SSS.
  • BONDS - We plan to build LP bonding system that will help the Treasury reaise more liquidity
  • NFT SALES - While at the moment we only promote Starsharks NFT with the referral system, we plan to drop our own NFTs that will be compatible with Starsharks ecosystem.
  • AND MORE - We expect the community to come up with new and interesting ways to fund the Treasury wallet.
  • Treasury SafeSnap: 0xtreasury