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How does Sharknado Coin governance works?


The Treasury wallet will own 80% of the IDO funds and 50% of total SHARKO Supply.

In the first Step of the life of SHARKO tokens, our Foundation will posses the power to veto any resolved answer of a proposal during the cooldown period.

Safety First

Since everything is managed by the DAO (Treasury, Token protocol etc.), a Whale or a group of people could decide to make a proposal to send all the funds of the treasury to their address, or change the parameters of the token protocol in an unethical way. The Devs must be able to prevent this.
Devs can do that?
Move funds
Can't do. Need a public proposal first.
Edit Token protocol
Can't do. Need a public proposal first.
Reject passed proposal
Can do. Only in cooldown period.

We will propose our ideas & plans publicly on our Social Accounts. Stay Tuned!

How It Works?

Off-chain Voting

First users will have to propose and then vote on the proposal made on SnapShot. Once the proposal meets the approval criteria the process will advance to the next stage. If the proposal will not achieve the quorum or doesn't get approved nothing will happen. Learn more about SnapShot....​

Realay.eth Oracle

People will have to confirm the Off-chain vote results to be parsed to the on-chain multisignature gnosis safe executor. In case of disputes, the community can choose to make the arbitrator confirm the results. Learn more about Reality.eth...​

On-chain Execution

On-chain trustless execution is guaranteed by SafeSnap module built by Gnosis. Learn more about SafeSnap...​