Sharknado Coin Docs


Made by the community for the community!
Community tokens are tokens that use a little quote of any transaction to redistribute a underlying token to all Community Tokens Holder.
Our Devs thought this model could be used in the right way, to reward the most active members of Sharkstars community, support Sharks NFT and its Game-Fi projects, and to fund other developers.
SHARKO Token community has a relatively low fee (3%) and is intended entirely for community and treasury. The higher the funds held in the DAO Treasury, the greater the interest of the community in having decision-making power in this regard, and therefore buy more tokens, which in addition to guaranteeing a fair and transparent voting system, will guarantee your constant rewards in the form of $SEA tokens and will give you the opportunity to participate in AirDrop, Lottery, Game and much more!


Please read the transparency and governance specifications carefully before proceeding to use our protocol, and verify for yourself that this is all true! Our Team wants to guarantee reliability and safety, but for all this it is necessary that users are able to understand the true potential, and clearly understand that this project has nothing to do with other Reflects & Community Tokens already launched by other Devs Teams with centralized and in some cases unethical models.