Sharknado Coin Docs


Fee allocation

Total fee: 3%

*Fee can be changed by the Governance
SHARKO holder
Treasury (LP)
Every transaction have a 3% fee that will be converted in SEA tokens and LP of SHARKO-BNB pair. Read Contract Status to check the fees.

Community Fee allocation:

SHARKO holders with more than 100.000 SHARKO (1 BNB at listing price) will be eligible to get the reward Fee. (This value can be changed by governance proposals) SHARKO tokens in the treasury wont earn community fees.

Treasury Fee allocation:

Treasury wallet will continuing to get a fee each transaction directly in LP, in this way the treasury will own a major quote of the liquidity.
Treasury will own part of the SHARKO supply but won't earn from community fees because it is exclued from the SHARKO tracker whitelist in the smart contract options.

Foundation Fee allocation:

Foundation will provide to maintain the project alive, with some obbligations:
  • Grow the ecosystem with new protocol integration and more use case;
  • Create Grants to encourage development;
  • Manage partnership with other projects;
  • Manage Prize Pool;
  • Pay all management and maintenance fees of the infrastructure;