Sharknado Coin Docs


Sharknado Swap Explained

***At this stage Sharknado Swap is only a front-end forked from original Pancakeswap front-end. Indeed, at the moment we are using Pancakeswap smart contracts for the swaps, liquidity and staking functions. We decided to create our own front-end in order to allow design customization and to show our farms and staking pools.***

To make it easyer for the end users to buy and sell SHARKO tokens we decided to also set the standard slippage to 5% in order to account transactions fee implemented in the token protocol.

Custom Token Lists

To simplify trading SHARKO, SHARKOS, SEA, SSS etc, we also added them in our dapp in order to be traded without the need to import the tokens by hand.

Here are some important features to understand:

Where to trade

You can trade SHARKO tokens on Sharknado Swap and Pancakeswap.
Click on the link above to autoimport the token on Pancakeswap. Otherwise you can import it in Pancakeswap with the SHARKO Token address: 0x7e1d65ee360335fa119ee4b9708e47700efbfc58​
For more info take a look at Pancakeswap Docs​