Sharknado Coin Docs


Buy, Sell, Rent & Play with Sharks NFT
In the starting phase of the project we decided to only promote Starsharks NFTs, anyway we are already planning in some NFTs collection that will give more value to the community.

Buy, sell and create passive income thanks the NFT program.

Governance can vote to use the Treasury wallet to manage assets, as our community is made up of StarSharks members. We trust in the experience and the good will of the community to operate wisely and create direct profits for all, which can then be distributed to all holders in the form of Airdrop, Syrup, Lottery etc. Always according to the will of the community itself.
Sell NFT
Rent NFT
Play with NFT
Buying so many NFTs can be prohibitive for individuals, but what if a group of people came together under one DAO? The group would become a single individual able to hold many more assets, but also many more ideas and knowledge!

This is the idea behind the Treasury wallet!

If you are reading this document it means that you are aware of the potential of the NFT sector. A nascent market with extreme potential, great expectations of profit and more and more people in tow.
Selling NFT can help the DAO to take profit, advantage of favorable market situations in the medium and long term and distribute the profits to all SHARKO holders.
What could be better than generating passive income? Generate more passive income! Our DAO can vote to Rent the NFT previously purchased, stacking tokens and many other activities that will benefit the community.
Once we had obtained some good NFTs, the DAO will be able to play as a single individual, compare ideas and strategies, and distribute the profit according to the will of the DAO himself.