Sharknado Coin Docs


Developers Hub
To ensure the continue and active participation of developers we have established a Digital Foundation that is regulated just like the Treasury wallet, but instead of being managed directly by all the SHARKO Token Holders, it is managed by the original Devs of the project. Only a small part of the profits generated by the protocol will be distributed to this address.
Governance can remove or replace the Foundation wallet if the community does not consider the developers up to the expectations.

Foundation Obbligations

  • Maintain the project web infrastructure until its 100% decentralized.
  • Develop and improve protocol and ecosystem.
  • Grow the ecosystem with new protocol integration and more use case;
  • Manage partnership with other projects;
  • Manage Prize Pool;
The foundation's vision is to create a development hub that takes small profit shares from each successfully launched project. Currently the wallet is managed by multiSig managed by Devs, but in the future a governance model based on the tokens held could be applied.
We are not yet able to make promises, but we will be happy to distribute Airdrop and Prizes to all those who will participate in the launch of our projects, including of course Sharknado!
  • Foundation multiSig: 0xfoundation
  • multiSig #1: 0xdev1
  • multiSig #2: 0xdev2

More info about Foundation will be revealed soon! Please follow our Social Accounts and stay tuned!